IRCC Considering Potential Changes to Post-Graduation Work Permit Program

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is exploring eight possible changes to the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program for international students. These reforms aim to align the program with Canada’s labor market needs while managing the overall volume of PGWP holders.

At ICC Immigration, we understand the significance of these potential updates for international students and graduates. Let’s delve into the key points outlined in the IRCC survey:

1. Program Alignment with Labor Shortages

IRCC is considering requiring international students to graduate from programs tied to specific labor shortages to qualify for a PGWP. This measure aims to ensure that international graduates possess skills and qualifications that address Canada’s workforce demands.

2. Enhanced Language Requirements

New language proficiency requirements could be introduced, mandating international students to meet certain language benchmarks in English and/or French to obtain a PGWP after graduation.

3. Job Offer Requirement for PGWP Extension

IRCC is exploring the possibility of requiring international students to demonstrate proof of a job offer aligned with the occupational shortage list to hold a PGWP beyond one year. This change could address concerns about the increasing number of temporary residents in Canada.

4. Employer Compliance Measures

The survey also touches on potential measures to ensure employer compliance, such as requiring employers to demonstrate their efforts to hire Canadians before offering a job to a PGWP holder.

5. Impact on Current International Students

Notably, the survey indicates that these changes could apply to future cohorts and international students already studying in Canada, potentially affecting their post-graduation plans.

At ICC Immigration, we closely monitor these developments and stand ready to guide our clients through any changes to the PGWP program. Our team of experienced consultants will provide tailored advice and support to ensure compliance with the latest immigration policies.

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