A definition of visitor is given under Sec. 2 (1) of the Immigration Act (Act) as a person who is lawfully in Canada as a visitor or who wishes to come into Canada for temporary purpose and who is not:

  • A holder of minister’s permit;
  • A Canadian permanent resident and citizen;
  • An immigrant who is admitted into Canada as his/her examination cannot be concluded at the port of entry by the officer.

The purpose of the issuing visitor/tourist visa under the Canadian Immigration Act is to:

The TRV is a document issued by a Canadian Immigration Visa Office outside Canada, showing that the holder has satisfied the requirements for admission to Canada as a visitor. Allow the entry of an individual who wishes to visit Canada for the purpose of doing trade with Canadian companies, for tourism and to allow other foreigners to foster scientific and international understanding, while controlling entry of those who wish to involve in criminal activities in Canada or who are likely to put in danger, the health and safety of the Canadian society.

A Temporary Resident Visa does not permit a Foreign National to work while in Canada. When deciding which type of immigration document to apply for, the distinction between a Temporary Resident Visa and a Work Permit should be kept in mind. A Temporary Resident Visa allows a Foreign National to enter and remain in Canada for a specific period of time. A Work Permit allows a Foreign National to engage in employment in Canada.

Single entry visas may be issued up to six months before the expected date of travel. The maximum validity date for multiple entry visitor visas is up to five (5) years, or one month prior to the expiry date on the passport/re-entry visa, whichever is earlier. POE officers will routinely grant entry for a period of six months to a person requesting entry as a visitor.

It is important to note that possession of a valid TRV does not necessarily mean that the Officer at the Canadian Port of Entry will admit the visitor into Canada. At the Port of Entry, all visitors must demonstrate that the purpose of their visit to Canada is of a temporary nature. Officers at the Port of Entry will deny admission to all persons who, in their opinion, do not intend to leave Canada at the expiry of their visitor status.


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