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Does everyone planning to visit Canada require a Temporary Resident Visa?

No. You do not need a Temporary Resident Visa to visit Canada if you are from a visa-exempt country. Citizens from all other countries must apply for a Temporary Resident Visa before entering Canada.

When should I apply?

Applications should be made at least one month before your intended departure date.

How long can I stay in Canada on my TRV?

If there is no stamp, handwritten date or document in your passport indicating an expiry date, your status as a temporary resident will expire six months from the day you arrive in Canada.

If my temporary resident visa is valid until a certain date, does it mean that I must leave Canada by that date?

The date on the temporary resident visa is the date by which you must arrive in Canada. The border officer at the port of entry will stamp your passport with the date by which you must leave Canada.

What can I do if my application is refused?

There is no formal appeal process if your application for a Temporary Resident Visa is refused. You can apply again. Make sure that you provide any information or documents that were missing from your first application.

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