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Canada has a program called the International Mobility Program that allows high-skilled foreign workers to temporarily work in Canada as an Intra-Company Transferee. If an international company has a location within Canada that company can apply to have any of their employees transfered to the Canada location. Applying for an Intra-Company Transfer visa allows the company and employee to avoid applying for an LMIA since this is an LMIA-exempt work permit. Qualified intra-company transferees require work permits and are exempted from the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) as they provide significant economic benefit to Canada through the transfer of their expertise to Canadian businesses. 

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be eligible for an Intra-Company Transfer Canada Work Permit:

  • Have worked for a foreign company for at least one year on a full-time basis
  • Held a specialized knowledge position or a senior or managerial position
  • Have been offered a position with a Canadian branch, affiliate or subsidiary/parent of the foreign company

If your organization has a parent company, an affiliate, a branch or a subsidiary in Canada, our team can assist you to determine whether your employees are eligible to apply for a Canadian work permit as intra-company transferees. Citizens of a visa-exempt country (e.g. the United States, the United Kingdom, etc.) may be eligible to apply for this type of work permit at the port of entry to Canada.


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