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What are the steps for Canadian citizenship?

If you want to become a Canadian citizen, you must:

  • Determine if you are eligible to become a citizen.
  • Apply for citizenship.
  • Take the citizenship test, if you are between the ages of 18 and 54.
  • Attend a citizenship ceremony, if you are 14 or older.

Do I have to apply for Canadian Citizenship as soon as I am eligible?

No, there is no obligation to apply for Canadian Citizenship; but it is in your own interest to apply as soon as possible once you complete the residency requirement.

Can I have dual Citizenship?

Since 1977, Canada has permitted its citizens to hold dual or multi Citizenship. As a result, Canadian citizens will not lose their Canadian Citizenship if they retain their former nationality or become citizens of another country. If you intend to become a Canadian citizen, you are advised to verify whether the country of your current nationality permits dual citizenship.

What happens if I fail the written test?

If you do not pass the test, you are sent a notice to appear for an interview with a citizenship judge.

Do I become a Canadian when I marry a Canadian?

No. Marriage to a Canadian citizen does not give you citizenship. You must first apply and obtain permanent residence, then apply for Canadian citizenship and meet the same requirements as any other person seeking citizenship in Canada.

How do I replace a lost or stolen Canadian citizenship certificate?

If your citizenship certificate was lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, you can apply for a replacement.

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