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Under the Canadian Business Class, am I required to live in a particular province?

After becoming a Canadian permanent resident, you may live, work, and engage in business activities in any Canadian province or territory, regardless of where you initially indicated you intended to reside on your application form.

How can I prove that my net worth has been lawfully obtained?

You must demonstrate the origin and accumulation of your wealth through reliable, third-party documentary evidence: tax returns, pay stubs, deeds of purchase/sale, statements from stockbrokers, business/real estate valuations, etc. You must be able to demonstrate that your assets were gained through means, which are considered legal, including gifts or inheritances.

As an Entrepreneur applicant, is an exploratory visit to Canada necessary?

As an Entrepreneur applicant, you are encouraged to make an exploratory visit to Canada to properly assess the business environment of the area in which you intend to locate.

As an Immigrant Investor, will I be obliged to work and/or engage in business activities in Canada?

While an Immigrant Investor is entitled to engage in work and business activities upon arrival in Canada, there is absolutely no obligation to do so.

What are the main differences between the Federal and Quebec Immigrant Investor programs?

Applicants with business managerial experience can qualify under either the Federal or Quebec Immigrant Investor Program. However, the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program also takes into consideration managerial experience in a government, governmental organization or international organization and therefore may appeal to individuals with a broader spectrum of backgrounds.

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